How to spot a brainwashed person

The car was wired to a bomb. Shakirhullah knew his mission to drive the car near clustered British and American people then detonate it. He was about to die — or so he thought. The group knew death was imminent.

They were members of a cult reportedly persuaded by their leader to drink the poison. Known as the Jonestown incident, this is one example of multiple ritual suicides committed by cult members. What kind of power can convince people — from frightened teenagers to large groups of adults — to do something as extreme as ending their own lives? History is rife with examples of people behaving in stupid ways due to an idea put into their mind. The examples are not always extreme. We have always wondered how to brainwash people.

In the movie Inceptionthe main character played by Leonardo DiCaprio possesses a rare skill — he can enter the dreams of others then learn their secrets. His team is hired to appear in the dreams of Robert Fischer Jr. The core idea behind Inception rings true. Use these techniques to brainwash people, responsibly and ethically.

Positive brainwashing can do anything from impress people at parties to make your relationships better. You might be offered a joba large sum of money, or a date. Read on. Their mind is primed to think of animals. Derren Brown often fools participants into believing he telepathically guesses which item or card they think of, when he has in primed them to think of a specific item.

Let him play with you.Put aside images of white horses, commando raids, or black bulletproof sedans. While a few cult converts may walk away shortly after entering a spiritually abusive group, for most it is a longer process. It can take months or years. And the number one reason for leaving the group? The second most common reason?

how to spot a brainwashed person

Expulsion from the group because the member is deemed rebellious or useless. The point is that once someone is in a cult, it is very difficult to leave. This is part of the definition of a cult, by the way—exiting is hard. Instead, he or she believes that they have achieved a privileged status in an elite group which offers them ultimate salvation. I have already described ten strategies in a previous post. Most family members react with strong emotions when they discover that a loved one is in a cult.

But before rushing at the group with drawn swords, family members should educate themselves about cult behavior in general and the specific cult in particular. There are reasons why people join cults. Cults offer their members three things: perceived significance, security, and love.

And all cults have certain distinguishing characteristics. Is it a Bible cult? A doomsday cult? A New Age cult? A Satanic cult? The Bible says that zeal without knowledge is not good Prov. Though it is difficult, try to remain calm, ask other people to pray, and read as much as you can about cults. This will put you in a strong place to wisely interact with your loved one and the group members and leader s.

Staying connected with your loved one may be difficult or sometimes impossible. But as the Bible says, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

This takes patience. But love, after all, is patient. How can you stay connected? First, understand that the group leader wants you to do something which will require your loved one to shun you. They want to isolate group members from outside relationships which could draw them away from the cult.

So if you know this, how can you foil their plans? You trump their strategy by refusing to react to accusations leveled by your loved one. You refuse to make direct statements against the cult.

You answer questions with questions. You set aside your feelings of horror and disgust and choose simply to be patient and listen.Members Portal. Both brainwashing and its opposite, deprogramming, are equally mythological. Filed under HealthReligionUrban Legends.

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how to spot a brainwashed person

They reached their peak in the s, a few elite specialists called deprogrammers. Their hotshot skill was as a sort of psychological exorcist, an expert at reversing the effects of brainwashing. Young people who were believed to have been forcibly brainwashed into joining cults, criminal organizations, or fringe movements could be deprogrammed in intense sessions, and thus restored to their former identities and value systems. It was a radical element of society that nobody talked about much, the sort of thing that someone might tell you about in hushed tones.

The idea that it's possible to be brainwashed is a frightening one, and the notion of heroic deprogrammers repairing the damage is pretty remarkable. But the skeptical mind is forced to wonder whether brainwashing is really as effective as depicted, and whether dramatic deprogramming is truly the only answer.

Hollywood brainwashing usually takes the form of a virtuous person converted against their will into a mindless assassin. Deprogramming often made real life more thrilling than the movies, with midnight abductions, duct tape imprisonment in a basement, and harsh, sleep-deprived, antagonistic grillings. There's a difference between brainwashing and simply convincing someone of something. Let's say I have my own religion or club or whatever it is, and I explain the benefits to you; and after some discussion, you eventually decide that it sounds pretty good and decide to join.

That's not brainwashing. Brainwashing requires a few specific elements. First, the beliefs have to be pretty radical.

There's no clear delineation of what this means, but generally it's something that's significantly beyond anything you would have come to believe on your own without my influence. Second, my efforts have to be systematic. A lot of mere convincing is systematic; telemarketing pitches, for example. A lot of sales pitches follow a written script that includes branches and responses to typical objections.The people in it are literally brainwashed, they have no clue about it, no idea whatsoever.

What would happen if someone from outside free of the Matrix system, entering the system only to communicate with those in it approached a group of people inside the Matrix and told them the truth about the real world beyond the Matrix? What would be their reaction like? They would wake up, and then leave the Matrix. The entities behind that control system would lose power.

Obviously not literally like in the movie, but the basic principle remains the same. No need to hide your head in the sand. Just open your eyes, or at least try to see the bigger picture without prejudice or any judging. I know what your mind says. It immediately starts fighting back and protecting the programming you have been subjected to since you were born.

Most people seem to be ignorant and even robotic. That indicates deeply programmed states of mind and belief system. I have sometimes tried to touch the boundaries of people to see who reacts to this topic and how. I have faced different reactions. Most were immediately denying everything and shutting it down as if I had said that pigs are flying now. The latter are often interested, wanting to know more, learn more. They also ignore your statements and new angles about certain things, especially when explaining them from outside of the programming.

They deny of being brainwashed of course! A great example is religion and God. Religious people are convinced that following a certain doctrine is the only way, and the only correct way, and everything else is considered evil, possessed, forbidden.

Religious dogmas are also connected to this. These things have been fabricated to have control over people — by intimidation and fear. That is completely wrong. A sidenote: the Earth is not flat by any means. Who claims that the Earth is flat is just some dumb ass hungry for popularity and clicks online. Their god has forbidden any other source of information, and even that alone should tell you something!

The program makes the victim automatically protect the program. Very simple. They ignore or fight any attempts to make them see that they are under a common mind control. How did I find out about it? And why do I believe any of it over common knowledge and common religious teachings?

Why am I questioning the information that must be true, because billions of people believe like that?

how to spot a brainwashed person

And why do I think that my point of view is better than that of those billions of people? Although I was not quite normal anyway.

I always had a bit different interests and different conversation topics compared to others. I always had questions about the world, the universe, everything. Lots of unanswered questions.Your time is limited. So don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of someone else's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most importantly - have the courage to follow your heart and intuition - Steve Jobs. He has ceased questioning the ideology that he has accepted. He is an idolater of that ideology. God is his examiner]. God wants him to kill a specific group of people who are infidels. The most courageous thing he can do with his life is to end it along with a few other lives.

If he does what God wants he will be rewarded in the afterlife. If he kills both himself and others he will be a hero both to men and to God. Killing himself and others will make him into a martyr. He believes that God speaks through the Watchtower Magazine and the Watchtower Society. Only JWs have true love from God. Non JWs cannot have true love. Non JWs are dangerous and intrinsically wicked people and that JWs are safe and better people.

At Armageddon only JWs will be saved, the rest go to Hell 6.

how to spot a brainwashed person

Everyone in Hell is destroyed and forgotten forever. Those who leave the Watchtower must be shunned and will go to Hell 8. He should not socialize with or marry people who are not JWs 9. The only purpose of personal bible study is to confirm WTBS doctrine, since God will not reveal anything new to him.

The purpose of bible study with others is not to discover new truths or rediscover old truths together, but to persuade others that only the WTBTS has that truth. If the others who are interested in the bible, do not accept WTBTS doctrine, the bible study has become useless and is terminated. He and his children whether baptised or not, should not take blood transfusions in any circumstances.

He should not read literature from any other religious group. He is one of God's chosen people. Non JWs are not. In the event of a conflict between his conscience and Watchtower doctrine, God wants him to follow the latter. There are so many obligations on him to attend meetings read literature, do door to door evangelism etc, that he has no time to think for himself and always feels somewhat guilty.

Could he do more for Jehovah? The State is more important than him or than any individual 2. Left wing media outfits tell the truth and should be believed, right wing media outfits lie and should be shunned 3. Right wingers are greedy and selfish and corrupt, left wingers and philanthropic and selfless and pure 4.Whether it's our political leanings or our idea of success, we are constantly being fed information that dictates how we should think, live and operate.

Especially in moments of vulnerability, it's easy to fall prey to unconsciously adopting groupthink into our own belief system, living by it and being blinded to our own brainwashed tendencies.

In order to avoid a life lived for another and to experience true success, you need to know how to avoid being brainwashed. Jim Rohn, an American author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker famously said, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

What you may not be aware of is how often you are unconsciously adopting messages that are being created by others, rather than thinking through your belief system for yourself.

All too often, we often don't take the time to know ourselves well.

6 Creepy Brainwashing Techniques You Can Use Today

Invest some time to think through your value systemwho you are, what your Zone of Genius iswhat is important to you and what is not.

In absence of this, it's easy to get swayed into a direction that is not right for us. For example, maybe you have a parent who impressed upon you that you should be a doctor.

But if you don't know what is required to be a good doctor and how your own strengths compare to that, you may blindly strive to be a doctor only to find out later that it's not the right job for you. The stronger the delivery of the message, the more likely you will adopt it. When joining a group, job, or school, look to see if that environment is a true reflection of who you are, heart and soul.

When you are clear on a vision, it's hard to be swayed from it. If you don't have a vision, you are more vulnerable to be swayed by unique ideas or particularly charismatic leaders. Take the time to craft your vision and make sure you revisit it often to make sure it's the right one for you at each moment of your life.

Think and to be curious. More often than not, we don't really think about our lives. We wait until something is obviously going wrong before we stop and realize that something has to change. Rather than putting this off, start making it a practice to think about your life and your career.

3 Signs a Person with Toxic Qualities Is Manipulating You (and What to Do About It)

Use your curiosity to think out of the box--whether it's finding a solution to a problem or embracing a new path for your life. Be open but stay grounded. Being open means you recognize that you don't know everything--and that's a great thing. Seek out new information, and stay grounded in how you digest it.

Do research, read, watch movies or find information in a way that excites you. Focus on the things that truly interest you. If you feel particularly swayed by someone or something, use that as a sign to dig into it deeper. Go beyond the surface when sifting through information.

The bottom line is that it's easy to get lazy about staying true to ourselves and doing the work to keep from being brainwashed by others. It's part of being human: we want to be included, and the more we agree with those around us, the more likely we will be considered part of the group.

[0] Am I Brainwashed? How Can I Tell

The key is to be aware of it before or as it's happening. Spend the time to get connected to yourself. If you do that, it will be much harder for anyone to convince you to be someone you're not.

Top Stories. Top Videos. Getty Images. Here are 4 ways to avoid being brainwashed in life or at work:. Have a vision for your life and your career:.

Sponsored Business Content.Many of you will know someone who has suddenly fallen head over heels in love with someone. What do you say to them? How can you help? And how do you express your concern or surprise at their change of appearance or lifestyle and their utter devotion to someone or something that, to you, seems really crazy?

We have spent decades talking to current and former members of all kinds of cults, from religious-based groups like the Branch Davidians to political groups on the far right and far left and even psychotherapy cults like the Center For Feeling Therapy.

Linda and Rod Dubrow-Marshall on cults and belief. The first thing to realise is that people in cults are not crazy but are the same intelligent, creative and interesting individuals they were before.

As with falling in love they are just crazy about the group, its amazing leader and its great potential to change the world and them with it. So the ideals of the group are probably quite attractive superficially — ending war and poverty, say, or promoting the healthy development of brain and body. Your friend or loved one has probably fallen hook line and sinker for the positive message of the group and their whole identity is now focused on this message. The key thing to remember is that criticising the group, however strange or damaging it seems to you, is the same as criticising your friend or family member themselves.

They love the group really deeply — for all intents and purposes, they are the group. Think back to when you fell in love for the first time and got those disapproving looks or critical comments from your parents or friends.

Remember how angry that made you feel? And how determined you were to love the person all the more. The most important piece of advice is to not criticise, condemn or judge, even if you have serious concerns. Instead, focus on why this person identifies with the group so much, and what they believe they are getting from it.

This means you have to keep talking. Keep the dialogue going and help your loved one measure the group against their own hopes and standards.

In time, the scales will start to fall from their eyes, and you can be ready for that moment. In truth, damaging cults are often run by charlatans.

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They offer world peace and the promised land while actually sucking people in, taking over their minds and unduly influencing them to give up their time, money, families and careers without any tangible results. Nirvana is always just around the corner, and cults coerce their members to work ever harder to get to the impossible.

Often members are made to feel unworthy and are humiliated.

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